After four years, Jaxsta have officially launched the public beta version of their massive – and extremely impressive – musical database.

Back in 2015, Jacqui Louez Schoorl and Louis Schoorl attempted to do something that almost seemed impossible in today’s musical climate; to give credit where credit is due.

Positioning itself to be the world’s largest source of official credit information for artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers and other members of the music community, Jaxsta’s data is content-owner supplied rather than crowd-sourced, meaning you’re getting the most accurate information possible.

After officially launching back in 2017 to work alongside the Grammys, Jaxsta revealed back in March that they’ve been prepping for a full commercial launch sometime this year.

Now, the day has finally come, with Jaxsta today opening its doors to give access to a public beta version of their musical database.

“Jaxsta was created to meet the need for a globally recognized comprehensive database of official credit information,” explained CEO Jacqui Louez Schoorl.

“With the launch of our open beta we are proud to unveil what promises to be the world’s largest source of official music credit information, and the platform which gives artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers and all involved with the creation of music ‘credit where credit is due.’

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“2019 is a big year for Jaxsta as we are on track to bring another much-needed tool to the music industry with Jaxsta Pro.”

Having entered numerous partner agreements in the past two years that provide the company access to the credits of more than 80% of global music releases, Jaxsta have partnered with the likes of the RIAA, ARIA, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Hillsong, and Merge Records, just to name a few.

Upon its launch of the open beta, Jaxsta’s comprehensive database contains more than 100 million credits across 25 million webpages, reflecting the music credits of 19 million recordings.

Boasting more than 5 million individual production credits; 4 million profiles (individuals, groups, companies and organisations); 2.5 million album/single/soundtrack releases; 2.5 million individual credited recording engineers; and 1.9 million credited individual songwriters, Jaxsta expects to increase the total number of credits within the platform by 30% before the conclusion of its open beta.

Check out the public beta version of Jaxsta here.

Check out a video rundown of Jaxta:

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