Not only has Jen Cloher just knocked another record out of the park with her new self-titled album, but she’s also a fierce advocate for women in the music industry, perhaps best illustrated by her hilarious (and frustrating) skits pointing out the issues still faced by female musicians.

We can’t think of anyone better then to be taking over as Double J’s Artist In Residence for September, bringing her list of ‘100 Songs By Australian Women You Need To Know’, a response to NPR’s recent list of the ‘150 Greatest Albums Made By Women’.

Each week Jen will discuss 25 of the tracks, and the impact they’ve had on her throughout her life and career, as well as the influence they’ve had on other female musicians. The first part of the list went out yesterday (September 3) and covered everything from Christine Anu classics to new cuts by Cable Ties and Camp Cope, as Jen puts together a who’s who of Australia’s top female artists.

As for who else makes the cut? Well, you’ll just have to listen in from 3 – 5pm every Sunday for the rest of the month to hear the remaining three installments, either on digital radio station 200 or at Double J online.

“I was inspired by a list that NPR put together, ‘The 150 Greatest Albums Made by Women’,” Jen Cloher tells Double J. “I’ve been working my way through those records and discovering all sorts of music that I never knew about. I thought it would be a really cool thing to take a similar approach, but looking at women in Australian music.