Jimmy Barnes has revealed his second autobiography, Working Class Man, which will be published on October 23.

The book is the natural follow-up to the searing, honest Working Class Boy, which details Barnesy’s troubled childhood. This book picks up the story as he leaves Adelaide with a gang of misfits who call themselves Cold Chisel.

“In some ways my new book is probably more like the one people were expecting the first time around”, Barnesy reveals. “There’ll be lot more rock’n’roll in it but there are still a few surprises in there too.  I’ve lived a pretty big life so it’s taking me two volumes to tell the story.”

“We are incredibly proud of the immense success of Working Class Boy, but we always knew it was only half the story – Working Class Man lifts the lid on one of the most extraordinary rock’n’roll careers in Australian music history. Brace yourselves,” said James Kellow, CEO of HarperCollins.