Morgan Wallen had a pretty good run on the Billboard charts this year. In fact it was an exceptionally good run. But now that Justin Bieber has dropped Justice, he’s got some new competition.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Wallen’s album, Dangerous officially became the longest-running Billboard No.1 album since 2016. And to top it all off, the Dangerous record spent ten weeks at the No.1 spot.

While Janurary 23rd until now may have seen Wallen reign supreme on the Billboard chart, a new contender has been thrown into the mix. And that contender is none other than Justin Bieber.

As reported by BillboardJustin Bieber’s Justice album has not only made it to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, but he’s also earned his eighth No. 1 record during his career.

Wallen’s Dangerous has now reportedly dropped back to No. 3 on the chart.

Bieber began plugging the album over since last year, dropping some quality tracks including ‘Holy’ featuring Chance the Rapper, ‘Anyone’ and ‘Hold On’, just to name a few. Most recently ‘Peaches’ has received positive responses.

However, unfortunately it wasn’t strictly positivity along the way throughout the album’s lead-up. There was some genuine drama, actually.

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The ‘Holy’ singer was issued with a cease and desist letter from dance duo, Justice, for his album artwork on Justice, which bared a pretty striking resemblance.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Justice’s co-manager Tyler Goldberg said,  “The morning Bieber announced his album, it was pretty tough to miss. Aside from seeing it all over the internet ourselves, we heard from hundreds of people throughout the day – industry people, Justice fans – and the Justice guys received a tonne of messages, not only compelled to point out the similarities between the Justice Justin Bieber album, but confused. ‘Is this a Justice collaboration?’”

Justin Bieber’s recent chart feat allows him to become the youngest soloist artists to have eight No. 1 albums under their belt.

Watch ‘Peaches’ by Justin Bieber.