If you think this year has already seen its fair share of Kanye West action, including ARIA #1 albums, rants about slavery, and pro-Trump support, then you’re in for a wild ride in regards to the rest of the year, with a US judge ruling that West must go to trial over his 2016 The Life Of Pablo lawsuit.

You might recall how back in 2017 it was revealed that Kanye West and Tidal were the subject of a class action lawsuit filed on behalf on music fan Justin Baker-Rhett. The class action claims that West and the streaming service engaged in “deceptive conduct” by duping fans into signing up to the streaming service under the belief it was the only possible way to hear the album.

The Life Of Pablo was released on Apple Music and Spotify within a month of its release on Tidal, prompting the suit. The class action references a Tweet by Kanye, who wrote: “My album will never never be on Apple. And it will never be for sale… You can only get it on Tidal.”

However, this was obviously refuted by Kanye West who, in a motion to have the case dismissed, claimed that the version available on Tidal was indeed exclusive to the service. Referencing another of his Tweets that noted that the record was a “living breathing changing creative expression” which was “updated and remixed numerous times, with different vocals, lyrics, and arrangements”, West claimed that the version on Tidal was exclusive, while other available versions of the album were different.