Maybe it was merely driven by curiosity, maybe it’s a sign of the times, or maybe it’s because it’s a deeply-personal, sweet, savage, scattered, seven-track album, but Kanye’s entire Ye record charted in the Top 50 on the weekend.

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While we have grumbled about this symptom of streaming in the past, seven songs seems less like a complete farce, and more representative of Kanye’s popularity/divisiveness.

His placements are as such:

12. All Mine

18. Yikes

22. Ghost Town

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33.Wouldn’t Leave

40. Violent Crimes

41. I Thought About Killing You

46. No Mistakes

Surprisingly, the lower-charting and therefore the least popular, is the most like his older chipmunk soul stuff. Maybe people don’t miss the old Kanye, after all.

Believe it or not…