There’s a big problem with coverage of the arts in this country. Despite the attendance of music concerts being one of the major contributors to tourism in Sydney and Melbourne, there is a clear discrepancy in the print and online real estate given to arts vs. sports journalism.

Most would claim that this is an editorial decision that is so ingrained in the journalism psyche that it’s not worth saving – but there is one place where change could definitely happen. Journalism awards.

This year, the NRMA Kennedy Awards for Journalism are handing out gongs for 34 separate categories, but not a single one is going to arts coverage or journalism. Highly profiled awards such as the Coca-cola Young Journalist of the year and the (confusingly-named) Harry Potter Award for Outstanding Television News Reporting are being given out in lieu of any recognition for the arts community.

Senior Music writer for Fairfax Media, Bernard Zuel, sees a massive problem with this, tweeting:

This heat comes at a time when author and notable former TV-journalist Tracey Spicer called the Kennedy Foundation out for not recognising any women in the naming of their awards.

Looks like there’s no prizes for lack of diversity, Kennedy Awards.

TIO has reached out to Kennedy Foundation General Manager Steve Warnock for comment.