These days, the music industry seems mostly about finding various ways to monetise a product which has been woefully devalued in the eyes — if not the ears — of consumers.

Controversial tech figure Kim Dotcom has the solution for YouTube creators with over 500,000 subscribers: his new Bitcache system, which is basically a filtering system through which users can process bitcoin micropayments. This is apparently an issue when converting to cyptocurrency to actual IRL currency (although no currency is real, maaan) with the lumbering exchange problem difficult rate (one bitcoin is currently worth $5,510AUD).

It’s all rather cumbersome to explain, so I’ll let Kim Dotcom’s below introductory video and tweet do that particular job – while I will remind those willing to get into bed with Bitcache that Kim Dotcom may soon face copyright infringement charges for Megaupload – although he seems cocky these charges will disappear, as attempts to extradite him fail.