Kobalt Music is now offering independent artists data and insights previously only obtained by acts signed to a record label.

The independent publishing, neighboring rights and label services company has launched its AWAL (Artists Without A Label) analytics app.

The app lets artists and songwriters analyse their streaming performance. The data only draws from Spotify and Apple Music currently. But with the aforementioned dominating the streaming space, the stats have the potential to dictate where an artist may tour, which single they’ll service to radio first and which areas of their career could be tracking better.

Crucially, AWAL can tell an act where their tracks are being played through demographic data, the royalty revenue they’re getting, which playlists they’ve been added to, and where they are over-indexing with fans – all while retaining 100% of their rights.

The catch? AWAL takes 15% of these artists’ royalties in return for Kobalt’s digital distribution, and the use of Kobalt’s global streaming playlist promotion team.


The AWAL App is available to a select number of applicants in all countries where the Apple & Android App Stores operate, from today.

Kobalt are using the app’s take-up as an A&R tool. According to MBW, AWAL-distributed artists whose music is gaining traction on streaming services will then be offered cash advances.

“The AWAL App puts the power of data into the hands of independent artists to help them build a sustainable career from streaming,” said Willard Ahdritz, founder and CEO of Kobalt.