Things are going to be a little bit different over at triple j for the next year, with Lachie Macara taking over from Ollie Wards as the station’s content director.

It’s been eight years since Ollie Wards took over the role of content director at triple j, but last week saw a changing of the guard, with Wards handing over the title to Lachie Macara for the next twelve months.

Wards is set to take a year off from the station, using the time to pursue a number of  interests, including the production of a podcast which focuses on an international con artist who is still at large.

“I’m taking a year out from triple j but already looking forward to coming back,” Wards explained to Radio Today last week.

“In the meantime, I’ll be in Europe for the rest of this year then New York from January,” he continued. “I’m working on a TrueCrime podcast that follows the active trail of an international con artist.”

“I’ll also be checking out how other music and media organisations are doing cool stuff overseas, where I’ll both shamelessly talk up how great triple j is and also import anything cool back to Australia.”

“Lucky we’ve got a sweet new app I can stream on too!”

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Of course, Ollie Wards’ replacement is no stranger to the triple j studios, with Lachie Macara first joining the station in 2010.

Having started as a Breafast presenter for the ABC in Karratha, Macara established the music news team on triple j, and served as the Executive Producer of triple j Unearthed until last year.

With Macara having spent the last year abroad over at BBC Radio 1 where he worked as the Executive Producer for a number of podcasts and documentaries, he’s certainly keen to get back on familiar turf.

“After a year working abroad I feel I can confidently say there’s nothing in the world quite like triple j,” Macara told Radio Today.

“I’m stoked to be back steering this pack around the park the next 12 months. It’s an exciting time at the station with some big stuff in the works – One Night Stand, Hottest 100, Ausmusic Month – so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in and giving our audience more of what they love”