Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s ex-manager, and Spotify’s current global head of creative services, has been named as the entertainment advisor to Prince’s estate.

“It’s an honor to serve as entertainment advisor to Prince’s estate,” Carter told Billboard. “His music, message and independent thought has been a major influence throughout my career. I’m humbled to work with his family and Comerica Bank to advance his musical legacy into the future.”

Prince’s estate has been the subject of much debate, with Comerica Bank recently replacing Bremer Trust as the estate’s administrator.

The irony of someone employed by a streaming service being an advisor to the estate of an artist who famously didn’t want his music streaming online should not be lost. Nor should the use of a faceless corporation to administer the trust, given Prince’s public struggles with Warner Bros. in the ’90s, and his outspoken manner when it comes to corporations profiting from exploiting artists. Not surprisingly, Comerica’s statement to Billboard was a non-comment.

“Comerica Bank is proud to acknowledge that Troy Carter has been named entertainment advisor to the Prince estate.”

“His considerable music industry experience and expertise will be invaluable as the work of the Prince estate moves forward. In light of the confidential nature of estate settlement matters, however, we will have no further comment other than this acknowledgement.”

Given the hasty nature of Prince’s catalogue’s appearance onto streaming services following his death, it would be futile to hope for a tasteful roll-out of his unreleased material. Hopefully Carter’s day job won’t colour things too much.

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