Sydney’s nightlife just got a little brighter. The Lansdowne Hotel has just revealed that they’ve been granted an extended trading license. Patrons will now be able to enter the venue after 1:30 am, and they’ll be able to kick on until 5 AM on Friday and Saturday nights.

This marks the second venue in Chippendale to receive a license extension, the first being Freda’s on Regent Street.

To celebrate their new license, the Lansdowne has announced a massive party in collaboration with the minds behind the iconic Los Angeles parties, A Club Called Rhonda.

“A Club Called Rhonda is one of the most thrilling and important parties in the world. Permissive, inclusive, wild and liberating served up with zero excuses and maximum love,” shared Lansdowne co-founder Jake Smyth.

“The Lansdowne can’t wait to throw down with these amazing humans until the sun creeps over the horizon.”

This comes after The City of Sydney unveiled the latest rounds of grants for small businesses and live music venues around the city.

The June round of grants saw the City of Sydney donate over $210,000 in grant funding to 10 local businesses. Funding that aims to provide pragmatic support to businesses contributing to the night-time economy of Sydney.

Last month, the City of Sydney criticised the controversial lockout law policy after new figures emerged showing that 500,000 fewer young people have visited the city since the policy was introduced.

The City of Sydney said in its submission the laws had “significant negative impacts on Sydney’s cultural life, our reputation as a global city, our businesses and our tourism industry”.

“The [current policy] approach has led to significant unintended negative impacts such as a retraction of the economy by 7.1 per cent, with a potential opportunity cost of 2202 jobs and $1.4 billion in turnover,” the council’s submission read.

“Negative perceptions [of the city’s night-life] have led to a decrease of 490,000 people a year aged under 35 years visiting Sydney since 2013.”