2018’s Electronic Music Conference is just around the corner – boasting the world’s finest in electronic production, management, and publicity, the conference is a must-attend for the beat-fanatics and groovers and shakers of the world.

To celebrate the festival, we had Lauren Mikkor (Manager of Running Touch, Nervo and more) interview founder of Grow Yourself Up, Greg Carey about all things artist management.

Check out what they had to say below:

Lauren Mikkor:

What is your chosen approach to signing an artist? I will always include a long ‘dating’ period, where I’ll work with an artist ‘unofficially’ for a period of time to gauge the how the relationship flows, as I put a very big emphasis on personality – focusing on where the conflicts and synergies lay, do you believe in taking a strictly business focus when signing acts or prefer to take a casual route, and befriend clients prior to signing?

In a lot of cases, I believe a manager is a first and last defence against making sure an artist doesn’t get in the way of his/herself, but I also have a tonne of trust in my artists and their ability to know what they want and how they want to get there – I put a focus on finding middle ground to ensure there’s mutual agreement in decision making, where do you find you need to draw the line and put your manager hat on when it comes to making decisions that an artist doesn’t agree with?

Greg Carey