As part of Vivid Ideas 2017, MusicNSW is hosting its annual Feedback conference for young people looking for a start in music. Keynote speakers Hermitude will be joined by artists and industry reps like Lisa Mitchell, Gemma Pike, Ngaiire and Melody Forghani on the day. Ahead of the event, Australian songwriter Mitchell shares her top five tips for breaking into the music industry.

Lisa Mitchell: “My career is not exactly a good example to analyse for tips on breaking into the music industry, as I had a lot of help from national TV when I was on Idol as a 16-year-old. But I guess there were a lot of things that I did before I even went on the show that was encouraging to my growth as a songwriter and performer.”

1. Embrace the art of busking

“My town had a yearly busking festival and competition. My friend and I would enter. Busking is a really good way to practise being in front of people and getting used to engaging with strangers in a performance way.”

2. Jam with your mates

“I had a covers band with three of my girlfriends at high school. We had a lot of fun. I think we probably watched more One Tree Hill episodes than we actually rehearsed. It was such a laugh. We’d play at school assembly sometimes. We entered a Battle of the Bands competition one year and came second to an all-boy heavy metal band. I’m pretty sure I had a broken arm in a sling at that gig.”