The shows may happen in an arena, but it seems rock bands cannot just sub musicians in and out if there is an injury, as promoters Live Nation and AC/DC found out in court.

An AC/DC concert last May in Spain saw the  Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose take over for Brian Johnson, who left the tour suddenly after he was deemed at risk of permanent hearing damage. Pretty good last minute trade, if you are forced to make one. But, as we explained earlier, music isn’t sport. Live Nation has been hit with a 15,000 euro fine, after a complaint was filed.

FACUA Consumers In Action claimed a violation of the Regulations for Admission to Shows and Recreational Activities in Andalusia, (catchy name) which explains ticket holders are entitled to the refund of the amounts paid by the entrance or locality and, where appropriate, the proportional part of the payment, when the public spectacle or recreational activity is suspended, postponed or substantially amended.”

Given the multi-millions earned on most AC/DC  stops, the fine isn’t a substantial one at all – but it is an interesting case study in how matter like this are handled.