If there is one thing that keeps the heady world of rock and roll chugging along, it is budget submissions.

Live Performance Australia (LPA) has made public its 2018-19 budget submission, and — not surprisingly — they feel its high time the Turnbull Government starts properly supporting the live performance sector, given it provides over 34,000 jobs across the country. That’s a whole lotta ‘Wonderwall’.

LPA’s budget proposals include:

  • Provide tax incentives on pre-production costs for live productions to assist Australian producers finance the staging of new productions and attract investment in an internationally competitive market;
  • Establish a major seed fund ($20 million over four years) for original Australian works of scale;
  • Provide an additional $5 million over four years for international touring of Australian productions;
  • Provide an additional $14 million over four years to Playing Australia and establish a digital distribution and access fund; and
  • Introduce a tax relief measure allowing charitable organisations to claim back the tax deduction on gift donations.

LPA Chief Executive Evelyn Richardson said of the shiny new budget proposal: “After years of funding cuts and a lack of strategic direction, the Turnbull Government now has an opportunity to support innovation, creativity and growth across our live performance industry through these sensible and targeted budget measures.