Content Warning:  This story contains descriptions of sexual harassment and assault

The ABC are currently dealing with ways to increase security measures, after it was announced that triple j host Gen Fricker was assaulted while on air last week.

As the ABC reports, 31-year-old Kieren Gallagher of Wollongong is believed to have unlawfully entered the broadcaster’s Ultimo offices by tailgating an employee on September 5th.

Mr. Gallagher reportedly managed to force his way into the studio before grabbing and kissing Gen Fricker, who was on air at the time.

After evacuating the premises, police conducted a search for Mr. Gallagher, before they found him at Central Station station this morning, at which point he was taken to a nearby police station.

As The Sydney Morning Herald notes, court documents reveal that Mr. Gallagher had been stalking Gen Fricker for a number of months “with the intention of causing her physical or mental harm”.

The charges against Mr. Gallagher have currently been adjourned while he undergoes a mental health assessment.