This year, Daryl Braithwaite will be inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame, and he will no doubt celebrate this honour with a live performance of what has recently become his flagship tune, ‘The Horses’. No doubt the organisers have made this a stipulation.

Braithwaite is being inducted for the second time, following his band Sherbet’s 1990 entry, and it’s safe to say that if it wasn’t for his recent unlikely (but very welcome) career renaissance — based on ‘The Horses’ catching fire with a younger audience well-versed in meme culture — this wouldn’t be happening.

Now, I’m a fan of Braithwaite. I like that he is the voice of two bonafide Aussie summer classics: ‘One Summer’ and ‘Summer Love’. I like that when Sherbet guest-hosted Countdown in 1974 he wore a beanie, smoked on live TV, and drank. I like that after shooting the clip for ‘The Horses’ he got a lift to his gig at St George’s Leagues Club from the helicopter used for the aerial shots. I like that he looks a bit like Mark Trevorrow, who plays Bob Downe.

But as a solo artist, he had a #1 single in 1973 — at the height of his Sherbet success — and two successful albums, Edge and Rise, in 1988 and 1990, which spawned a top ten single each, ‘One Summer’ (#8) and ‘The Horses’ (#1).