As her name would suggest, Mallrat isn’t your typical animal. The 20-year-old singer and songwriter has been quietly, and very effectively, gnawing away at a career which has flourished in quick time, thanks in part to a single-minded determination and her effortless ability to connect with fans and pretty much anyone else.

And there’s talent. Loads of talent.

At an age when most of us are freaking about which subjects to take or which festival to save up for, Mallrat knows which direction she’s headed. A self-taught producer and award-winning songwriter, Mallrat last Friday dropped Driving Music, her new, six-track EP, which should scurry up the ARIA Albums Chart when it’s published this weekend. It’s a set of truths and tales, soundtracked by textures of nostalgia and dreamy melodies.

It’s about living, loving and home. Mallrat wrote ‘When I Get My Braces Off’ for her younger sister, something that she “could feel powerful and relate to and listen to on the bus.”

Stream Mallrat’s Driving Music below:

Its lead single, the candid ‘Charlie,’ the “scariest song to put out,” she says, has shot past 2 million streams on Spotify, where it has been added to more than 50 global playlists.

Mallrat, ‘Charlie’:


There’s been love from community radio and triple j, which has been on board since the start, evidence of which came when ‘Better’ came in at No. 46 on the Hottest 100 Countdown for 2017, and the next year ‘Groceries’ hit No. 7 on the poll. Both tracks appeared on her 2018 EP, In The Sky.