Keith Sue is the polar opposite of what you’d expect a tech startup founder to be. Earlier this year, the ex-research scholar and his friend Saurabh Das launched Six8, the platform making it easy to find and book a band – and for bands to find gigs and be paid for them at a rate of their choosing.

Keith and Saurabh had been throwing the idea for Six8 around for two years, but since registering the company last June, they’ve built a community in and around the platform that’s been lauded by City of Sydney’s Hugh Nichols, Live Music Office’s John Wardle and Hannah Crofts from local exports All Our Exes Live In Texas.

Perhaps it’s because the pair see Six8 as more of a community than a tech company – or perhaps it’s their genuine ambition to nurture the live music sector on a local and global level – but they’re changing the predisposition of what a tech startup and a band booking look like, one live show at a time.

TIO caught up with Keith to chat about how and why Six8 came to be, his plans for global expansion and why launching in Sydney was so important.

Where were you when you first came up with Six8?

It‘s been a bit of a journey coming to the idea.

Saurabh and I – he’s my business partner and co-owner – we’ve had a range of conversations around where we think people and society are going and how we’ve lost a bit of community. We wanted to try and make things a bit more real again and get away from interacting in pretend spaces or online.