Back in March, music and entertainment publisher The Brag Media put $1000 on the table to the member of the music and media industry who wins their AFL Tipping competition.

The winner will also score a $5,000 display marketing campaign on The Brag Media for a client of their choice. There no prize for 2nd or 3rd, because this is real life not your school athletics carnival.

With 52 music and media professionals competing, the Top 5 AFL tippers for this year’s tournament heading into Round 17 are revealed below.

The only thing more gripping than the below would be setting up a tipping comp to tip who’s going to win our tipping comp.

The Top 5 AFL Tippers in the Australian music industry

1. Darren Roth – Director, Pivot City Music
Tips: 94

darren roth

2. Will Watson – Founder and Director, PS Music Group
Tips: 88

will watson

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3. George Playfair – Promotions Manager, Your Army
Tips: 88

George playfair

4. Dan Rosen – CEO, ARIA
Tips: 87

dan rosen

5. Amy Brown – Event Coordinator, APRA AMCOS
Tips: 87

amy apra event coordinartor