Mental health awareness may be higher than ever due to the rise of high profile deaths in the industry, but is this translating to better overall statistics around mental health and a healthier more supportive music industry?

The Stats

In Australia, it is reported that approximately 45% of the population will experience some kind of mental health condition in their lifetime. Combine this with being a creative, endlessly touring and struggling to make a sustainable living off your music, these statistics climb even higher. A recent Australian study by Victoria University found that your average musician earns around $ 30, 000 less per year than the average Australian salary.

It was also found by a Swedish study conducted by Record Union earlier this year that 73% of musicians report suffering from various mental health issues. The study also concluded that 33% percent have experienced panic attacks and only 19% feel that the music industry is providing healthy working conditions.

The study detailed that the main concerns for people suffering from poor mental health were around financial instability, the pressure to succeed and loneliness with fear of failure topping the list of concerns.

So in exploration of this topic, Australian Music Week put together a panel on Mental Health to talk about these issues featuring Louise Sawilejskij (Support Act, Nala Music), Nathan Cavaleri (Musician), Mike Schwartz (Music Fit Collective), Andrew Leslie (Blooms Chemist) and Blair Norfolk (Activated Nutrients).