Mushroom Group just keeps growing.

With effect from Monday (Nov. 4), Michael Gudinski’s independent music powerhouse will launch a dedicated live Marketing + Communications division, led by company stalwart Reegan Stark.

According to a statement issued Friday morning, the new division is a direct response to “the continued growth of the live touring sector,” and completes the integration of the Frontier Touring Company and Chugg Entertainment teams, which came together earlier this year in a strategic joint venture.

The new division is responsible for all marketing, PR and digital for FTC, Chugg, CMC Rocks and other live partnerships, along with PR and digital communications for Mushroom Group company Illusive Presents.

michael chugg michael gudinski
Michael Chugg and Michael Gudinski

At the same time, Mushroom Group’s expanding set of labels recorded music activities (Liberation Records, Liberator Music, Ivy League Records, I OH YOU, Bloodlines, Soothsayer, 100s + 1000s) now has a dedicated in-house promotions, marketing and social media team to support its local and international roster.

Mushroom Group’s seven labels operate in offices across five cities, including newly-opened spaces in the United States and the United Kingdom.

With the restructuring comes a handful of promotions for key staff, led by Stark, who rises to Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, a newly-created role.

Stark, who has served with the company for more than 17 years, most recently as group publicity and promotions director, oversees the Communications, Marketing and Digital divisions of Mushroom’s live businesses and reports directly to CEO Michael Gudinski and COO Dion Brant.

Also, Dan Baker is promoted to General Manager, Media & Strategy for Mushroom Labels after five years as Mushroom’s Head of Radio & Streaming. In his new gig, Baker will be responsible for developing the promotional and artist strategy across the label groups roster and overseeing the Mushroom Labels’ local and international promotions teams, reporting to Mushroom Group Executive Director Matt Gudinski and Mushroom Labels COO Chris Maund.

After 12 years, Mushroom Promotions, formerly responsible for all publicity and promotions across the touring and label divisions of Mushroom Group, will now be separated with staff moved into either the touring or label teams.

michael gudinski and matt gudinski in stadium
Matt and Michael Gudinski

More than a dozen staff take on new roles and titles within the new live Marketing + Communications division , including Mary Bainbridge (now Senior Consultant, Marketing + Ticketing), Samantha Clode (Communications Director), Andy Purcell (Communications Director), Nicole Stringer (Communications Director) and Eloise Glanville (Marketing + Communications Operations Director).

Seven employees take on new roles in the new dedicated in-house promotions team working across all Mushroom Labels, including Julia Hill (now Publicity Director), David ‘Fez’ Fesdekjian (Head of Radio) and Lauren “Loz” Grice (Senior Publicist).

“Mushroom has seen significant growth in recent years across both the live and label businesses and this restructure is an incredibly exciting stage in our evolution,” comments Gudinski.

“Our overriding principle at Mushroom is to be leaders and not followers and I believe these changes will allow us to consolidate both sides of our business. I’m also very pleased to be promoting so many great staff from within and can’t wait to see them develop even further in their areas. Watch this space, there is more to come. Exciting times.”