Youth charity Musicians Making a Difference (MMAD) is behind a brand new podcast which gets up close and personal with Australian and international artists and guests as they share their experiences.

Launching today, Rhyme & Reason is hosted by Will Small, manager of MMAD’s social venue The Lounge Room. It was created for Australian youth and young adults, with new weekly episode releases until the end of 2018.

“The series deep dives into themes of grief and loss, mental illness, self-identity, alcoholism and addiction with influential Australian and international artists and guests as they openly share their personal experiences and the music that helped them find their path,” reads the press announcement.

Throughout the 16 episode series, Rhyme & Reason will feature candid interviews with pop maverick E^ST, Instagram influencer Alli Simpson, hip hop chart-toppers Bliss N Eso, Australian Idol winner, singer/songwriter/ actor Casey Donovan, American photographer Chris Cuffaro and Australian music producer/engineer Scott Horscroft.


Its first four offerings, available to stream below, are conversations with singer/songwriter/engineer, Dustin Tebbutt, rapper Pez, hip hop artist Mirrah Reflects and MMAD co-founder Dominic Brook.