Following the removal of a number of acts, NSW regional festival Mountain Sounds recently announced the cancellation of its fifth reincarnation. Today, news broke that the festival’s company was going into voluntary liquidation.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to investigate to find the deep-rooted causes of this festival’s closure.

Festival organisers cited a “government war on festivals” as being to blame for its closure. The prospect of allegedly forking out an additional $200,000 to cover police attendance was a huge blow – only weeks out from the event.

The Australian music industry was reeling, and even carried out a Sydney rally against the New South Wales State Government’s recently-introduced festival legislation.

TIO, however, understands that there are many long-term issues that lie within this event’s directorial team. We’ve gathered the evidence. This festival has had its time, and that time is well and truly over.

Courtney Barnett:

Aussie indie icon Courtney Barnett‘s huge album Tell Me How You Really Feel had punters hyped for her coveted Friday night slot. Barnett is now owed a total of approx. $95,700.

Check out Courtney Barnett’s ‘Need A Little Time’:


The festival utilised Eventbrite‘s ticketing services. In order to process punter refunds, Eventbrite are owed a whopping $893,000.