The stars came out, as they do, when the 2019 APRA Awards took place April 30 in Melbourne.

Briggs and Tim Rogers had their moment on stage, Sarah Aarons collected four awards and earned a place in everyone’s hearts. Electric Fields and Radical Son delivered performances that were talked about well into the wee hours. Dean Lewis was a two-time winner, and he closed the night out with a rendition of “Stay Awake” which hit the right tone. But the loudest cheers weren’t reserved for a rocker, a hip-hop star, a producer or a pop singer. That particular honour went to Linda Bosidis who, while at the podium to award Amy Shark with the song of the year trophy, earned a thunderous ovation.

Bosidis’ rockstar moment caught her by surprise, and it showed. Last October, the industry was caught by surprise when Bosidis was announced as managing director of Mushroom Music Publishing, succeeding the legendary Ian James.

The good guys do win. And here, at the APRAs, Bosidis received the warmest of welcomes. It’s a rare mix, being powerful and adored by your peers.

The Melbourne-based music publishing veteran hasn’t had time to take it all in. Australia’s leading independent music publisher is evolving, and fast. TIO caught up with Bosidis via email from Japan, less than 24 hours after the company revealed the new structure of her team.

Ian James and Linda Bosidis

TIO: We’re nearly at the half-year point of your taking the big gig. What have those six months been like?

Linda Bosidis: “It’s been a solid six months and more. Sleepless nights and long days. It was incredibly important to not make impulsive decisions and to spend individual time with every staff member to thoroughly understand their roles and listen to their thoughts, opinions and ideas. The objective was to shape the company to be more efficient and effective by employing simpler and modernised methods. This time has been tough on my two kids who have seen very little of me. I’m making up for it now.”

What are some the big plans for the half-year ahead?

“To continue to separate Mushroom Music from the pack. The restructure, provides the opportunity for the company and individuals to make a difference for our writers. We want to create unique experiences, opportunities for the art and give one-on-one attention to our writers.”

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You got the biggest cheer of the night at the APRA Awards. What was that like?

“It took me by surprise. I was overwhelmed. Publishers are generally quiet achievers. I’m not a natural public speaker and have to push myself when up on stage, so it threw me but wow, it was a lovely spontaneous feeling of intense warmth and support. I have a deep affection for our industry, the art and the people within it.”

Earlier, on Wednesday, Mushroom Group announced a brand new structure, with Bosidis declaring: “it’s an exciting time for us.” One of the changes sees Mushroom Music stalwart Zoe Coverdale rise to senior director, international where she continues to manage existing partnerships and establish new relationships and opportunities for Mushroom Music’s international business. Recently, Coverdale took on additional duties in a business development capacity in Mushroom Group’s newly-launched neighbouring rights company, Good Neighbour.

There’s a promotion for Erol Yurdagul, who’s elevated from A&R manager to head of A&R and creative at Mushroom Music. With this new role, Yurdagul is responsible for the music publishing company’s domestic writers, with a major focus on signing new writers. Julian McGruther, Dom O’Connor, Bill Page and Dean McLachlan will be part of his team, with McGruther’s role as creative manager expanded to facilitate collaborations and co-writes both domestically and internationally.

Also rising up the ranks is former creative manager of Mushroom Sync Jules Bain, who is named head of sync for both publishing and labels within the Mushroom Group. Bain will be tasked with generating new business in Australia and internationally, working with a sync team that includes Abby Page, Ricky Birmingham and Lisa Businovski.

And finally. Mushroom Music scout Dom O’Connor joins Mushroom Music in a full-time capacity as A&R assistant, working closely with Yurdagul.

This restructure began with the appointment of Bosidis as MD “with a clear mandate to change and modernise the company,” comments Chris Maund, COO, Mushroom Labels and Mushroom Music. “With a focus on bolstering A&R, creative and sync, Linda now has an incredibly strong team who are motivated and determined to really deliver for our writers and catalogues.”