Yesterday, it was revealed that Qantas would be axing all music services from their domestic, and some international flights. It was confirmed that Radio stations, playlists and CD library collections have all been removed from Qantas flights and subsequently been replaced with two podcast channels.

Understandably, the music industry was pretty miffed about the entire situation. Taking to Twitter to express their vexations. Here are some key figures reactions.

APRA have released a statement addressing Qantas’ decision:

“While programming of in flight content is a matter for Qantas, we are deeply disappointed that music, and Australian music in particular, will not feature on in flight entertainment on domestic flights. In their role as the national carrier Qantas have the opportunity to literally carry Australian stories in Australian voices to the world via their customers, and tell those stories to music loving Aussies as well. Australia is a music nation, and our year on year revenue stats show there is an increasing appetite for local music both here and abroad. 
As APRA AMCOS Ambassador Amba Shepherd tweeted ‘Australian music and Qantas belong together. Such a great opportunity for music discovery and supporting our arts.’
The opportunities are endless – audio, video, podcasts, playlists, print, background music at departure gates, live music in the lounge – the key is focused curation across the brand. It’s a win/win/win scenario for Qantas, their customers and the music industry. It would be a shame not to reconsider this move, and the feedback we’ve received echoes that sentiment.”
It is evident that this decision has disappointed the music industry, and we all hope that Qantas reassess this move. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with their extremely personal, poignant response.
Qantas are yet to release a statement on the matter.