Ros O’Gorman, a highly-respected Australian music photographer has passed away at the age of 58.

In a post made on his website, O’Gorman’s husband Paul Cashmere confirmed the news through a heartfelt statement.

“On 29 May 2018 we lost Ros O’Gorman, a beautiful lady, a perfect wife, mother and grandmother. My wife of 37 years has left the stage,” Cashmere wrote.

“For her, life was first three songs, no flash and then leave. She would like you all to know that this time she hasn’t stayed for the whole show.”

Tonight we lost Ros O'Gorman, a beautiful lady, a perfect wife, mother and grandmother. My wife of 37 years has left the…

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“Ros was only diagnosed with cancer of April 10. It was aggressive. Then on Sunday around 5pm we were told just how aggressive it was. We were told that she may only have a few days to live,” he continued.

“Ros loved life, she loved the family we created together and she loved you. She was a role-model to so many and a world-class music photographer.”

“Tim, Haylee and I were so grateful for the life she gave us and for sharing her last moments with us. She had a wonderful farewell with her closest family.”

Michael Chugg said of her passing: ‘Ros O’Gorman was always the big smiling happy face in the photographers pit at all our shows for more years than I can remember, even when I was being grumpy at the photographers.  Since the digital age, it was always a pleasure to run into her & Paul, whom upheld a long loving relationship in an industry, that burns most relationships.

“I remember spending a very enjoyable evening with them both at the Americana Honours event in Melbourne last October & recently, with Ros at a very funny record Store Day launch in Sydney in late March.  Ros was a shining light & inspiration to all the women making their mark on our industry.  RIP Ros – gone far too soon.”

Jimmy Barnes paid tribute and said: “Paul Cashmere and Ros O’Gorman were married a few months before Jane and I.  Like myself, Paul loved music and was deeply involved in the industry through radio, but he found his true love when he met Ros.

“They spent a beautiful life working together and raising a family.  I was so said to hear that she had been tragically taken from him.  Although I know she will always be in his heart, it does not make the loss any easier.  My thoughts are with him and his family at this difficult time.”

Ros O’Gorman co-founded Undercover with husband Paul Cashmere in 1994, and helped to co-found The Noise Network in 2011. In addition to working as a Content Manager with a number of other companies, O’Gorman was best known for her concert photography, which saw her work with some of music’s biggest names over the last 20 years.