Earlier this month, Melbourne won the rights to host the global Music Cities Convention in April 2018. The win recognised its efforts using the landmark $22.2m Music Works strategy to provide strategic investment in local industry businesses and initiatives.

Now, following requests for strategic advice from global cities such as London, Bangkok and Amsterdam, the Victorian music industry has released a 10 Point Plan highlighting the steps it took to grow and nurture its live community.

The Plan, which actually goes to 11 (like Spinal Tap), features initiatives and best practice guidelines employed over the past seven years.

It notes that its membership on the Liquor Control Advisory Council (Point #3) ensures contemporary music is not linked to the kinds of high-risk behaviour that could lead to state-wide ‘lockouts’.

Point #4 suggests cities should “present a ‘’white paper’ to the State Government clearly outlining the case for regulatory reform and investment to support venues.”

In September 2014, Music Victoria introduced its Agent of Change principle to better protect venues from noise complaints by new residential developments. The principle is currently being studied in Amsterdam with the city looking to adopt it.

The Plan also encourages the establishment of a live music roundtable (Point #5) comprised of key industry and government representatives across government agencies. Victoria’s roundtable helped to form a Sexual Harassment Taskforce for safe venues.