Netflix has announced that a limited series set to chronicle the rise of streaming monolith Spotify is in the works. The as-yet-untitled show is based on Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufvud’s book, Spotify Untold.

The series centres around the genesis of the streaming service, and its founders — Swedish tech entrepreneur, Daniel Ek, and his partner Martin Lorentzon. Who reinvented the music consumption game by introducing free and legally streamed music in a landscape where piracy was strife.

The Swedish and English production is set to be directed by critically-lauded filmmaker Per-Olav Sørensen (Quicksand, Home for Christmas, Nobel).With Berna Levin serving as executive producer and Luke Franklin as producer.

“I’m thrilled to be making this timely and entertaining series for Netflix. The story of how a small band of Swedish tech industry insiders transformed music – how we listen to it and how it’s made – is truly a tale for our time,” shared Berna Levin in a statement. “Not only is this a story about the way all our lives have changed in the last decade, it’s about the battle for cultural and financial influence in a globalised, digitised world.”

Details of when we can expect the series to drop remain vague.