Soundcloud has been the subject of major concerns this week, with rumours that users have less than 50 days to download any music from the service before it disappears forever.

The company has since rejected talks of its demise, but considering earlier this month it cut 40% of its staff, and shut offices in London and San Francisco, many users aren’t taking the chance that their mash-up of the Donkey Kong Country theme and ‘Crossroads’ by Bone Thugs N Harmony will stay safe on the SoundCloud servers.

Enter a Reddit user by the unceremonious name of makemakemake, who has claimed he/she has downloaded every song on SoundCloud’s public archive. That’s 900TB worth, or the length of roughly one Springsteen gig. The download took a weekend at 80GB a second, and although he/she claims he/she won’t make the archive publicly available — there are numerous legal reasons why that would be a terrible idea — it’s nice to know it’s all sitting there safe… somewhere.