Shit is hot up in the 6ix right now, and this may be due to Drake’s constant repping of his hometown, namechecking areas, venues, and his beloved Toronto Raptors any chance he gets.

Marketing and branding consultant Gordon Hendren claims Drake is directly responsible for a whopping $440 million a year entering Toronto through tourism.

“He’s helped to rebrand the city,” Hendren explains. “He’s kind of made himself the same as Toronto.”

In addition, a $147 million tech conference came to Toronto through the power of Drizzy.

“When I mentioned this was home of Drake, the people just kind of went crazy”, Councillor Michael Thompson explains. “Just the mere mention of his name. The native son is here, he’s got a great brand, we’re gonna kind of hitch ourselves on it a little bit and get pulled up along the way.”

Watch the entire report below, via Vice.

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