Nightlife Music, the Brisbane-based company specialising in background music, is exposing more than 350 Aussie entertainers to the world at SXSW.

Taking over Australia House at the Austin, Texas conference, Nightlife Music will debut a world first as they install their properly licensed platform at the global event.

An initiative of the Federal Government’s G’Day USA program in partnership with Sounds Australia, Nightlife’s technology will exclusively provide the soundtrack to ensure every moment at Australia House is filled with Aussie talent.

Nightlife Music and Sounds Australia have curated over 600 tracks from more than 350 artists to expose Aussie entertainers to the world.

Director of Licensing and Business Affairs, Stuart Watters, said:

“We will be profiling talent and the key players in the Australian music scene, including Secret Sounds, MGM, and Future Classic with a keen focus on artists, labels and other music companies that are making the trek to SXSW,” he said.

SXSW can be crucial to a local act’s international trajectory, but it’s not possible for many, many acts. Sounds Australia Executive Producer Millie Millgate said with Nightlife on board even more artists will be exposed to a global audience.

“If we could bring every talented Australian artist to the stage at SXSW we would, but of course that’s not possible,” said Millgate. “At the heart of Sounds Australia is spotlighting our talent so with Nightlife’s platform, we can effectively expose over 350 talented Aussie artists in one hit.”