The New South Wales Labor party has received the green light to launch an inquiry into the NSW government’s controversial music festival licensing scheme.

Yesterday it was revealed that Labor was looking to challenge the controversial regulations by referring them to the Legislative Council’s Regulation Committee for a formal investigation.

“These regulations have caused concern right across Australia’s music industry,” Graham explained. “Major touring groups have raised the prospect that damaging the NSW festival industry could see high profile artists avoid Australia altogether.”

“That is bad news for music fans in Melbourne or Brisbane.”

“This inquiry presents the chance to make sure that the government is finally engaging with the concerns that the industry is raising,” he concluded.

It has now been confirmed that the regulations will be subject to discussion in the committee’s first meeting. The inquiry will open up a dialogue between the music festival industry and government ministers who are responsible in New South Wales. Allowing those working within the industry to present their case directly to MPs and propose new methods of approaching festival regulations.

The referral will be discussed by the Regulation Committee, who will then present Parliament with an inquiry into the regulations’ impact before August 6th.

The controversial festival laws were introduced by the NSW government in February this year. Reactionary protests like the Don’t Kill Live Music rally were launched, whilst festivals such as Bluesfest effectively explained that if these regulations were to take place, it would likely result in their exit from the New South Wales music scene.

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