From early next year, festivals operators in New South Wales will face a new set of demands on planning and health and safety shaped from industry feedback, as another drug-related death sours the live entertainment space.

After hosting a meeting on music festivals with various industry stakeholders, Liquor & Gaming New South Wales, the government agency that provides licencing, compliance and enforcement on events throughout the state, has distributed a checklist for assessing different aspects of festivals’ management plans.

The responses should underpin its new music festival license model, which the authority expects to launch in March.

Late last week, festival organisers and licensees received their homework which, among the list of items, requires them to figure out their event’s distance to medical services; forecast weather conditions, in particular heat; and discuss their own track record for hosting events.

Also, the paperwork requests festival operators to detail their planned response to a range of scenarios, from medical emergencies to overdoses and more.

Each festival will ultimately have a unique risk profile, according to a memo sent to stakeholders last Friday under the subject title, “Keeping people safe at music festivals.”