The NSW Government has extended the last call for takeaways from 10pm until 11pm, whenever Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday.

In a miraculous piece of luck, that’s exactly what’s happening this year, so clubs, pubs, bottle shops, and weird grocers will be able to sell takeaway alcohol until 11pm this Christmas Eve, “if they are currently able to trade until then on other days from Monday through to Saturday.”

A press release explains: “This change is consistent with previous arrangements that were superseded by liquor law reforms in 2014. It complements existing special arrangements for packaged liquor licensees, who can already begin trading earlier from 8am when Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday.

“The special Sunday trading arrangements provide consumers with extra time to make purchases ahead of celebrations on Christmas Day, when no retail liquor trading is permitted.”

In other words, stock up on rum, or go without on Xmas day.