The Australian Greens party are taking NSW Police to court today, after this week’s bullshit announcement that they are planning to refuse entry to tomorrow’s Above and Beyond music festival to anyone who a sniffer dog sits next to, regardless of whether they actually have drugs on them.

“People who have spent close to $150 on tickets and months looking forward to the event will see their tickets torn up by police”, the Greens wrote.

“It is not a crime to have a drug dog falsely indicate you are carrying drugs. Drug dogs get it wrong up to 75% of the time.”

[Note: It is actually much more often than this, plus the police can guide the dog to whom they wish, allowing justifiable profiling.]

“This is nothing more than the NSW Police punishing young people for the abject failure of their drug dog program.

“It’s hard to see how this kind of action by police could be legal, seeing how it involves punishment in the absence of any offence.”

They added on Facebook that this is “a gross abuse of police powers and a vicious attack on civil liberties.”

Which it is. Obviously.

While you are furious at this, read up on how much police dogs are costing tax payers.

Spoiler: it’s a hell of a lot.

This song will hopefully become relevant soon.