Two new NZ  “hot” singles charts are bringing fresh and dynamism to the top 40 on the other side of the Tasman.

Launched at the beginning of the last month, the Hot 40 and the Top 20 Hot NZ Singles operate in tandem with the traditional charts, but reward artists whose songs gain the most new sales, streams and airplay each week.

As in other territories, the advent of streaming has meant that it is much harder to dislodge bigger artists from the top 20 because their existing fans are continuing to listen to their favourite tracks each week. So even if an artist is effectively not gaining any “new” listeners, they can still retain a high position in the charts.

Recorded Music NZ chart manager Paul Kennedy says the “Hot” charts are designed to show how many more new fans are interested in a particular track week-on-week. And so far, they look to be achieving that aim.

For example, this week’s Hot 40 boasts four new songs in the top 10, including a new No. 1, and a further 18 new entries in the remainder of the chart.

Kennedy says the first few weeks of the “Hot” charts were skewed a little by the arrival of Drake’s Scorpion, with the rapper taking the top spot in the first three weeks. Even then, two individual songs shared the No. 1 position and no Drake song is in the top 40 at the moment; however, in the official singles chart, Drake is still on top, with two others still featuring in the overall top 40