New Zealand’s Music Manager Forum has built a reputation as a solid support network for those who have sought professional advice and networking opportunities within the realms of artist management.

The not-for-profit organisation has now partnered with JLT and AIG Insurance to create a tailored, exclusive insurance package for their members, offering up to $5-million in public liability insurance. 

Overall, the partnership will offer a range of affordable, flexible and comprehensive insurance solutions for Music Managers and artists, including options to insure portable equipment, general property & business interruption, public, statutory, employers & directors and officers liability, travel and vehicle insurance and portable equipment will be covered for accidental damage and theft. 

Recording studios, sound studios and film studios will also be insured under material damage, business interruption and liability insurance policies. 

Examples of insurances and costs available include (but not limited to):

  • Public Liability insurance
    • $5 million cover, Premium $500
  • Gear Insurance for the world (‘Worldwide Portable Equipment Insurance’)
    • Annual Sum insured $0 – $500,000, Premium 1.5% of worth i.e. half a million cover is $750.00 for the world 

These deals are exclusive to MMF members, with the aim to provide massive savings to managers, artists and their businesses.

JLT are a specialist provider of insurance broking and employee benefits related advice and associated services. AIG Insurance are the world’s largest insurance organisation with more than 88 million customers around the globe.