While there are a few necessary evils an artist needs to break through the noise and have their art heard, it’s easy to forget just how many online resources are at your disposal to kick things off.

To offer artists practical advice on how to get airplay, how to pitch for support slots, how to book gigs in local venues, how to get your records pressed and more.

In the lead up to the event, TIO asked four music industry figures to recommend the one online resource they believe every artist and manager needs for a successful music career.

Venue Booker, Spotted Mallard


It’s seriously the best way to share promo resources, assets, stage plots, riders, input lists and any other files. It doesn’t require a login at the receiver’s end, it’s advertising free, it’s completely cross-platform, and for a decent amount of space it’s still free.

Music Coordinator, Triple R

Amrap’s airit

It’s a brilliant way for musicians to have their music shared and heard across the spectrum of community radio stations in Australia.

Project and Marketing Manager at Music Victoria

Music Victoria’s benefits page

If you’re a Victorian-based artist or manager, refer back to it before you book any rehearsals, advertising, merch printing or transport. You will find that you can access some pretty great discounts and save yourself a tonne of cash (if you’re a member – which you should be… because of said benefits).

Label Director, HopeStreet Recordings

Spotify For Artists or Bandcamp Artists (depending on your audience)

Both are great tools for learning more about where things are taking off, and what people like from your catalogue. Plus they have have great apps for your phone too!

Venue Booker, Howler


A great tool to keep the whole team (band members, management, record label, publicist, etc.) on the same page and up to date with how things are tracking.

There’s no need to search through your entire inbox for a particular email thread, updates are shared and communication is all in the one place. You can even set deadlines and reminders for tasks – it’s a lifesaver when you’re trying to keep many plates spinning.

Got Music? What Happens Next?

Moderator: Chelsea Wilson Vocalist, Songwriter, DJ, Producer


Justin Rudge – Venue Booker, The Spotted Mallard
Kate Duncan – Creative Director, The Push
Paul Rigby – Director, Zenith Records Pressing Plant
Simon Winkler – Music Coordinator, Triple R
Tristan Ludowyk – Label Director, HopeStreet Recordings
Vanessa Bassili – Venue Booker, Howler


Panel: 6.30pm – 7.30pm
Q&A and networking: 7.30pm – 8pm
1 hour 30 minutes
Free – registration required