APRA AMCOS’ Head of Revenue Richard Mallett has penned an opinion piece for TIO readers on the state of the music industry, covering the rise of the curated mega-playlists, the biggest mistakes the music industry is making, and his suggestions on how best to move forward given the benefit of hindsight.

The piece follows the release of APRA AMCOS’ Year In Review data yesterday, which announced streaming royalties had grown an unprecedented 127% to $62.2M, while the total amount of royalties paid to songwriters, publishers, and affiliated societies equaled $335.9m, a 17.7% year on year growth.

Read Mallett’s op-ed in full below:

For 16 of my 22-year tenure within the Revenue Department at APRA AMCOS, global recorded music revenues were on the decline. Now, for the first time since the turn of the century, those numbers are on the increase – evidenced by the 127% year on year increase in our collections from digital music services, which is on the back of last year’s 140% increase on 2014/15 collections.