Like many in the music industry, I grew up with the ARIA Charts as my bible as a kid. A #1 on the ARIA Chart really meant something.

You’d head to the record store (remember them?) every week and pick up a copy of the printed chart and pour over it to see what went up, what went down and who the all-important #1 would be for that week. You’d listen to Take 40 Australia to hear the records spin in order, or get up at 4am to watch Rage to make sure you caught what #50 was.

Fast forward to 2018 and industry commentators are asking the question of how the charts could be left to get this broken, when first Ed Sheeran and now Post Malone can dominate the chart with every song off an album debuting in the singles list, rendering it apparently irrelevant.

How can this farce be left to continue and sully the sacred tradition of the ARIA Chart? All of a sudden, the long-held basis of our chart being about sales has been bastardised with streaming and is no longer a true reflection of a song’s popularity. How can you compare Ed Sheeran and Post Malone with The Beatles or ABBA?

ARIA Chart week commencing 13 March 2017
ARIA Chart week commencing 13 March 2017

I’ve got a secret for you

The ARIA Charts were always a bastard child of commerce. They aren’t the pristine bastions of reality some would have you believe.