Like most people who work in the music industry, I have written feverish fan fiction regarding the movements at major corporations – crazy ‘what-if’ tales about the CEO of Sony Music suddenly moving into a CFO role at Universal Music only to enter into a JV with Deezer! I’m only human, after all.

A simple search this morning for a photo of Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek resulted in our eyes being pried open by a reality in which people around the world really enjoy drawing him. An abnormal amount of Ek drawings exist online, considering he is only really a public figure to those who read Tech Crunch, download TED talks, or subscribe to The Industry Observer newsletter.

To celebrate this new art movement setting the net afire, we’ve scooped up our 14 favourite pieces of Daniel Ek fan-art. It was hard to keep the list to just 14, so apologies if we missed any of your faves. Let us know in the comments section!


This seems reverse-engineered to be Ek, like someone walked past the artist’s desk and was all “Crazy Ek pic, dude. Nailed it!”, and the artist went, “Totally. Ek. Totally.” Source.


From the colouring book ‘Spotify: Colour Your World’ (Imagined title and product only) Source.