OurMine, the infamous hacking group, has recently attacked video-hosting website Vevo after being disrespected by one of the company’s employees.

As Gizmodo reports, was hacked yesterday, with 3.12TB of the company’s internal files being posted online for all to see.

In addition to promotional material and videos being on the list of leaked fils, other more secretive files have also been made available, including planned social media content, office documents, artist details, and information on how to rest the alarm at Vevo’s UK office.

So, why exactly did Vevo become the target of the latest attack? Well, OurMine usually operate by exploiting sites and systems that have weak systems and alterting these companies of their security flaws. In most cases, their sights are set on targets such as WikiLeaks, Buzzfeed, and various celebrity social media accounts, but in this case, OurMine have attacked Vevo with a greater vengeance.

As Gizmodo notes, usually OurMine doesn’t leak vast arrays of files once they gain access to a system, instead opting to take a more altruistic approach, but in this case, it seems a bit more personal. As BGR reports, OurMine had reached out to an employee of Vevo via LinkedIn to alert them of their weak security, only to be told to “fuck off”, adding that they didn’t “have anything” on the company.

Check out the exchange between OurMine and the unnamed employee below.

Messages between a Vevo employee and an OurMine hacker

OurMine have stated to Gizmodo that “If they asked us to remove the files then we will,” so it seems as though this whole hack may have just been a form of revenge, rather than a targeted attack. Whatever the case, here’s hoping that this Vevo employee might learn to attacks threats of hacked systems a little bit more seriously in the future.