With talent, looks, ambition and connections, an artist can go a long way. That special brew has taken The Faim to Los Angeles and, perhaps, the international rock world beckons.

It’s early days for the Aussie pop-punk band, who’ve quietly assembled the machinery for a big haul. The talent earned the four-piece from Western Australia the support of a top shelf U.S. producer, John Feldmann. The ambition has landed an international deal with BMG. And the connections put the youngsters in the studio with the Pete Wentz and many other legends of rock, and snagged them a foothold in the L.A. music community.

Before all of this, the Faim was just a bunch of friends from Perth –Josh Raven (lead vocals), Michael Bono (lead guitar, bass and vocals), Stephen Beerkens (bass and keyboard) and Sean Tighe (drums and percussion). The group came together in 2014 while still in high school. They built their repertoire and played shows. And they aimed high.

In 2017, armed with a demo and some desktop research, the group reached out to Feldmann, the L.A.-based producer and songwriter behind hits by Blink 182, The Used, All Time Low, 5 Seconds of Summer and many more harder-edged bands. Feldmann liked what he heard. He wanted more, and got it.


The refrain sums up The Faim’s ambitions: “We’re coming for you”