Old-fashioned meat-and-potatoes rock and roll has been making a comeback of sorts in the local music scene in recent years. Now, one of the younger proponents of the genre, Pist Idiots, are one step closer to taking over the world of Aussie music as they announce their signing to Space 44.

Having been doing the rounds for a little while now, the Revesby four-piece have been quick to make a name for themselves with their trademark ‘drunk rock’ sound. Having turned heads thanks to their outrage-provoking name, unique sound, and their recent support slots on tours from Skeggs and the Gooch Palms, the boys have now joined the acclaimed ranks of Space 44.

“It’s exciting to see a band like this who have non-stop gigged, and also making amazing music that is really resonating,” said Space 44’s Aaron Girgis. “You would be hard done turning your head at a gig these days and not seeing a Pist Idiots t-shirt.”

Space 44, which is home to brilliant acts such as Skegss, James Crooks, and Ruby Fields, has been kicking a serious amount of goals recently. Spearheading raucous events such as Sutherland Shire’s Sounds Of The Suburbs Festival, the addition of a band such as Pist Idiots is another notch on the belt of the creative agency.