“We’re not alone in any of this. It’s not as if the music industry exists in a vacuum and we’ve got all these structural problems. They’re broader than that, they’re broader in creative industries, they’re broader in society, there’s the cultural context, all of that.

“[The music industry has] been through that big disruption, and the upheaval, we’re back in a place of optimism. It’s prime time to actually look sideways; in art, art-making and also in business.”

In this special episode of the podcast, Leanne de Souza speaks constructively about the format of Fear At The Top and addresses the elephant in the room: its lineup of all-white male guests.

CEO of Seventh Street Media Luke Girgis interviews heads of companies in the music industry about how they got to where they are as well as all the mistakes they’ve made, what they’ve learned from running their hugely successful companies.

In Episode #8 of Fear At The Top, Girgis interviews Leanne de Souza, a facilitator, producer, manager and advocate with over 25 years’ experience in the Australian music industry, working in artist management and events, representing various high profile and award winning artists.

Leanne is the founder and Director of a Rock and Roll Writers Festival, Executive Director of the Association of Artist Managers, a sitting board member of the Queensland Performing Arts Trust and was a foundation Board member of the Queensland Music Network and previous BIGSOUND programmer.