What other people thought of me never really bothered me, because I knew the decisions I made and the stuff that I do, do not conflict with my morals and my values.

Welcome to One Year Later, an Industry Observer podcast, presented by APRA AMCOS, where we revisit career changing moments, one year on.

In this episode, Poppy Reid chats to Adam Briggs, who might be best described as a polymath. Briggs is an Australian rapper, record label owner, producer, comedy writer, actor, and even has his own radio show on Apple Music’s US-based Beats 1.

As one half of the multi-award winning A.B. Original with Trials, Briggs took out the prestigious Songwriter of the Year Award at last year’s ceremony.

Ahead of the 2019 APRA Awards next week, Briggs chats about why he uses his voice to speak up on Indigenous rights.

“My community is where all my memories are. That’s where all my values come from, and the foundation of my morals. That’s where an artist like me grows,” he said.

Briggs also offers the latest on Disenchantment, his Netflix series alongside The Simpsons creators; why the US isn’t really a focus for his music; why he’s not a fan of Australia’s ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremonies, and much more.

“I’ve always had a funny relationship with Welcome to Country’s,” he said. “I don’t know, I just don’t believe in them. It’s a weird thing. It was something I developed over my adolescence, my adult years, of like ‘Why are we welcoming them?’. The oppressor.”

Stream One Year Later with Briggs below:

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