It’s been over a year since Rachel Kelly launched Downtown Music Publishing in Australia and New Zealand. The publishing firm behind Hans Zimmer, Little Mix, Ryan Tedder has doubled its international footprint since then, and Kelly has been busy growing its local roster.

In this episode, Poppy Reid chats to Rachel Kelly about DMP’s local acts like The Teskey Brothers and Stella Donnelly, what it was like as a new player in the market, and so much more.

“I was at a company schmooze-y lunch kind of thing with this TV network and all the major labels… and I thought, do you know what, I have to be a representative for all the artists that don’t have a record label,” she said.

“I have to schmooze on their behalf,” Kelly smiles. “Because otherwise they’re just not going to be in the room. You have to do that forward-facing stuff for your roster.”

Kelly also discusses Australia’s publishing landscape, her A&R process, and the bravest thing she’s ever had to do.

“I think there’s a responsibility to do deals that are likely to recoup in our lifetime,” Kelly says. “Because it builds confidence on both sides.

“And having done a 30-year mortgage with a six-figure amount of money that doesn’t seem to move, I know it can be a little bit of a de-motivator. And especially for creative types,” she adds. “I think the old days of those inflexible deals are changing.”

Stream One Year Later with Rachel Kelly below:

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