Welcome to One Year Later, an Industry Observer podcast, presented by APRA AMCOS, where we revisit career changing moments, one year on.

In this episode, Poppy Reid chats to The Rubens, who have had a banner year since releasing their ARIA #3-charting album, Lo La Ru.

Seated at their label’s HQ, the Mushroom Group offices in Sydney just over a year since the band released third album Lo La Ru, Sam and Elliott talk The Bunker and their unique songwriting and recording process, the album campaign, the best outcome from supporting P!nk, and following up the runaway success of Hottest 100 #1 ‘Hoops’.

In getting Torbitt and Wilder Schwartz (Run The Jewels) to produce ‘Lo La Ru’ in their hometown of Menangle, Sam said:

“Wilder was in town [New York] and he was going to a Run The Jewels show and he said come along to the show and we’ll have beers afterwards and we can talk about […] I don’t know how long it was between that conversation and them coming and staying in our hometown and making an album with us, but the fact that that even happened is crazy.”

Stream One Year Later with The Rubens below:

Listen to Lo La Ru:

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